Yellow Jade Evil Eye Set

Yellow Jade Evil Eye Set

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Wear this set as a reminder that "You got this", regardless of what obstacles you may face! Yellow Jade has been used for centuries as a symbol of calmness and courage. It can assist in achieving true balance. Especially work-life balance. 

If you are longing to reconnect with the fire within it can assist you. 

Also, a stone of protection allow Yellow Jade to protect your energy at all times.

Yellow Jade is perfect for those conquering depression and anxiety because it can bring optimism even on the darkest day. 

Evil eye meaning: Protect your health, Relief from exhaustion, sharpen your mind and concentration

Other benefits of Yellow Jade:

  • Supports in expanding plans and achieving higher goals
  • Emotional Healing
  • Helps maintain clarity of mind
  • Can assist in dream calling