Unakite Set | Harmony | Positivity | Forgiveness

Unakite Set | Harmony | Positivity | Forgiveness

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Unakite reminds us to "seize the day". If you are an overthinker or find it hard to stay in the now or forgive, this set is for you! This set is also ideal if you are ready to strengthen your relationships, especially with your children. Unakite is highly recommended for women and can be helpful from conception and throughout the parenting stages. 

When you are feeling like you have no options, like you are trapped and don’t know what to do, or like you are being forced to sacrifice one important part of your life for the sake of another, Unakite can help you through a difficult time.

How To Use:


Allow Unakite's properties to release any heavy burdens of the heart while reminding you to stay in the now.


In your home create a balanced and loving environment. You can also place Unakite by plants to promote growth and loving energy. 

Meditate when feeling stuck, confused, or heavy-hearted.