Release | Protection | Black Kyanite

Release | Protection | Black Kyanite

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Black Kyanite is most definitely a Healer's favorite and ours as well. This jewel has amazing benefits and works fast. We do not recommend using this jewel if your energy is already low. 

Other Healing Properties: 

  • Clears all energy blockages and imbalances within the Chakras
  • Aligns, grounds, and centers the Chakras (without conscious effort)
  • Opens all Chakras (With conscious effort)
  • Transmits and amplifies high-frequency energy
  • Elevates the level of good vibrations within the energy field
  • Great for receiving attunements
  • Removes Unwanted Attachments
  • Deflects Negativity
  • Shields Against Psychic Attack
  • Protects From Negative Emotions

Affirmation: I am energized, balanced and aligned. I understand and honor my place here on Earth.