Malachite Gold

Malachite Gold

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Did you know, Malachite is known as “The Stone of Protection & Transformation”

It is a major motivating stone encouraging us to take risks and change when necessary.

•Protects against radiation

•Heals, reveals, and absorbs emotional wounds

💡Sometimes our spirit needs a little pick me up. 

The 💎Malachite Jewel💎 is perfect for those feeling “stuck”.

Also known as the Stone of Transformation:

💫Works to cleanse and clear chakras

💫Protection from Negativity

💫Balances Emotions

💫Encourages risk-taking and change

💫Alleviates procrastination

💫Shows what is blocking spiritual growth and enhances willpower

🧘🏾‍♀️✨Affirmation: I freely express myself from the heart and I move forward with knowledge.